Some men look in the mirror and regard a receding hairline with distress, wondering if there is a cure for baldness. Currently, the only truly effective medically proven way to arrest hair loss is to lower dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. DHT is a form of testosterone that regulates beard growth and hair loss. Higher levels of DHT produce fuller beards at the cost of male pattern baldness. Lower levels of DHT ensure a full head of hair at the cost of the inability to grow a beard.



Many people enjoy visiting various Web sites and apps that challenge the brain by luring them deeper and deeper into cyber space. Cyber addiction comes in several forms, but all impact the brain. The past two decades have acquainted many people with the concept of hacking. It is why people strive to protect their computers and smartphones from outside sources trying to break in to steal information, implant malware and preocupy their lives.



According to the American Heart Association (AHA), more than one in three adult men has heart disease. Men around the age of 55 years are more likely than women to experience a heart attack.  Men often ignore the symptoms of a heart attack because they are uncertain about what they are feeling and don’t want to be embarrassed by a simple diagnosis, such as heartburn. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 50 percent of men who die from coronary heart disease....


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The brain scans of sex addicts having sex are undistinguishable from the brain scans of individuals high on cocaine. This distinction separates a normal person engaging in a lot of risky or deviant sexual behaviors from a sex addict. Most sex addicts try to self-treat themselves by swapping between addictions, but ultimately, all addictions must be treated at once to get to the core issues of what hurt or pain the person is really medicating. Addicts often give themselves too high a dose of self-shame. Adding gasoline to the fire, their loved ones also mistakenly believe the addict needs more shame. Sexual excitement can often become associated with shame in sex addicts. “Don’t shame but empower,” Schmidt said.

There are medical, psychological and religious models of sex therapy, but Schmidt favors the 12-step approach. He says it is the most comprehensive because it incorporates all the models. Research shows it to be the most effective model, he adds. However, in sex addiction therapy, the 12-step model is expanded into what are called The 30 Tasks. Visit and Dr. Schmidt’s personal blog, for more information.

A person can be addicted to sex just as he can be addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling, says Paul F. Schmidt, Ph.D., one of only a few licensed clinicians in Lexington who have sex addiction certification.

Sex addiction can start with a variety of behaviors that often lead to an increasing amount of deviant behaviors. As with any other addictive substance, some people can engage in these behaviors without becoming addicted to them and others cannot. Varieties of sex addiction can include voyeurism, exhibitionism, anonymous sex with strangers and crossing relationship boundaries – exploiting roles such as incest or having sex with an employee, teacher, student or client.

Almost all forms of sex addiction are rooted in an arrested development within the entirety of courtship, either in the initial, closing or other stage. The sex addict creates a mirror underworld in which he can act out the aspects of courtship he is incapable of doing in real life in order to avoid rejection, Schmidt says. For example, trouble closing the deal in real life becomes conquest sex, racking up large numbers of partners. Inability to begin a courtship or initiate contact becomes making new contacts on dating sites that never lead anywhere other than the opening conversation. Impersonal, unemotional sex becomes romantic fantasies in the shadow self’s double life.   



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The prevalence of pornography is a contributing factor to sex addiction, Schmidt says. “It’s so much more available, affordable and anonymous,” he said. “It seems innocuous and harmless but it can be harmful. ” Phone sex also provides addicts the playground to live their shadow life’s fantasies, but this can actually lead to economic ruin because some sex addicts can’t do anything else but live in the fantasy. While rejection-proof, both porn and phone sex present other problems, says Schmidt. The average porn and sex-line caller is unaware these companies keep track of everything. They know your computer, your preferences and your arousal behavior and they use this information to devise personal “hooks” through which they can market to you. Once they’ve gotten you to peak arousal with free stuff, they ask for credit card information.

“It’s really insidious. It’s an evil empire,” said Schmidt. “And that’s just the stuff we know about. That’s not accounting for the darknet.”

Signs of sex addiction include having three or more of the following traits: