Herbs are a foundational root in medicine and health treatments, dating back thousands of years throughout every culture around the world. Modern Western herbalism comes from ancient Egypt. The Greeks developed a comprehensive philosophy of herbal medicine by 100 BCE and the Romans built upon it to create a variety of medical practices, some of which are still used today.



Psychological hardiness is an individual’s resistance to stress, anxiety and depression. It includes the ability to withstand grief and accept the loss of loved ones. Alternative medicine is a more popular term for health and wellness therapies that have typically not been part of conventional Western medical approaches but are often used along with conventional medicinal protocols.  Coping and dealing with stress in a positive manner play a major role in maintaining the balance needed for health and well-being.



Interest in complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) is increasing as consumers and health care professionals search for additional ways to treat anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. Some of these remedies include:

St. John’s Wort.  More than 30 studies show it to be effective for treatment of mild forms of depression,…


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120 N. Mill St., Ste. 201 Lexington, KY 40507

Call Today: 859-281-0048 www.bgelderlaw.com

younger attorney experienced and licensed in Kentucky and Ohio with a range of abilities in probate, will contests, guardianship, adoption, and trusts, joined the staff.

Katherine Finnell, a sole practice elder law attorney, joined the firm as an associate attorney.  Katherine had recently received her L.L.M. (legal masters) in Estate Planning and Elder Law.  Katherine brought with her a wealth of knowledge on a widerange of topics.

Administrative assistance Carolyn “Coop” McCown and Livia Volpini came on board in 2018. Coop works closely with the firm’s Medicaid applicants while Livia focuses on attorney support in the areas of guardianship and probate.

While the firm is not all female by design, Carolyn and her team of women have created a collegial workplace where clients come first. The firm uses a holistic approach in working with clients.  The attorneys utilize the expertise of the entire team to find the best method to facilitate clients’ needs.

The attorneys do not compete with one another but provide one another with support and feedback.

Carolyn’s idea to focus on their seniors and family has evolved more than she had expected.  Bluegrass Elderlaw was been a dream in the making and the women could not be more proud of the firm and the successes they have made for their clients.

Why should a family look to an elder law firm to assist them? The attorneys at Bluegrass Elderlaw say that most people do not know what “elder law” is.

In the past twenty-five years families have been faced with waves of changes that have effected their economic and healthcare well-being. Bluegrass Elderlaw helps families plan for the future by taking into consideration new and changing laws and regulations.

Client education is key. The attorneys stress that part of the planning process is educating the client about laws, rules, and agency regulations that could affect their planning strategies.

With longer life expectancy and the mental decline associated with that, the greatest risk to a family’s wealth in no longer taxes, but the cost of end of life care. The first step is quality estate planning utilizing documents that provide for contingencies and layers of protection for the years to come.  Additionally, Bluegrass Elderlaw helps families plan for the cost of care in conjunction with the many rules and regulations that will apply. Medicaid rules, estate planning rules and family law rules are not the same or even compatible in many cases.

Carolyn finds that it takes talent and grace to age well and advises clients that they need to be prepared. Carolyn advises seniors to (1) have in place the documents your family will need to assist you—powers of attorney, both medical and legal, and a will, and (2) be flexible and accept change as gracefully as possible.

Carolyn says, “The best part of the practice is getting to know a wide range of people who have had interesting and sometimes fascinating life experiences.  Our reward is being able to assist these families through what is often a difficult transition.”                

In a historic building adjacent to Cheapside in downtown Lexington, a group of women are making a difference in the lives of seniors and their families. Bluegrass Elderlaw, PLLC is comprised of two partner attorneys, two associate attorneys, and three support staff.

Carolyn L. Kenton founded Bluegrass Elderlaw in 2011.  Before creating the firm, Carolyn had practiced by herself almost 20 years in an office sharing arrangement with her husband’s former law partners. Carolyn was married to William G. Kenton, Jr. who served as speaker of the Kentucky General Assembly. Speaker Kenton led an illustrious career as both a statesman and an attorney. After Speaker Kenton’s death, Carolyn ran for and won her husband’s former seat in the General Assembly.  Her life changed dramatically and so, while raising two children on her own, she took her turn at being a stateswoman and attorney.

Carolyn formed Bluegrass Elderlaw, in part, because her practice was naturally evolving to handle the needs of seniors.  Carolyn stated that her practice was gearing more heavily in the direction of end of life and Medicaid planning issues. “I could also see that the aging baby boomer demographics would favor a practice more specifically directed towards an aging population’s needs,” said Kenton.

While Carolyn took a leap of faith in staring the new firm, she


realized that she must “practice what she preached” in regards to future planning. Carolyn began to look for younger attorneys to work with her in order to provide continuous uninterrupted service for clients and their families.

Carolyn soon added Amy E. Dougherty to the firm in 2012.  Amy and Carolyn had been classmates in law school. Amy has been a traditional student and Carolyn a non-traditional student.  Amy had previously worked for the Kentucky Public Service Commission and for Legal Aid of the Bluegrass. While at Legal Aid, Amy had handled elder law and nursing home issues. Amy and Carolyn had a shared passion to assist the elderly navigate the legal system and helping them meet their estate planning goals. It was an ideal fit for both of them.

Carolyn and Amy filled their new office with a staff of highly qualified and talented individuals all having experience adding to the first rate quality of the firm.   Carol Weleski, an experienced customer service specialist was the first addition to the office. Carol is described by her officemates as friendly, kind, and thoughtful.

Soon, the office had a need for an additional attorney. Mary Ellis Patton, a

Amy E. Dougherty


Carolyn L. Kenton


Mary Ellis Patton


Katherine E. Finnell